Fun with Confluence

Since I moved from keeping my work Journal in OneNote to Confluence I enjoy Confluence’s ability to quickly and smoothly keep track of personal tasks, and the sharing possibilities are really powerful. But I do miss some functionality.

One being the fact that one cannot tag or label inline content, a OneNote feature which I loved to quickly trace back certain snippets and even create “tag reports”. Confluence’s JQL search, albeit powerful to look up text and content, is not capable of looking up emoticons.

Yes, I am using emoticons in my Confluence pages to tag or label certain pieces of information.

For instance the Confluence wiki icon (?) becomes the question mark icon, or the tag (on) becomes a lightbulb, which are ideas that pop up into my mind.

Atlassian does “listen” to its users through the forum, so I upvoted and commented on these existing requests:

If you have the same idea :bulb:, why not vote on these as well?

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