Past Projects

As a self-made web developer I learned a lot on-the-job. In this section I will share my personal mile-stone projects.

  • Project: Sustainica • 2015-2016

    A Jekyll website I created for the Sustainica 2016 Conference.
  • Project: Qivicon • 2014-2015

    The client entrusted me to construct and structure three web applications which connect to the Qivicon platform and which fall in the category “Internet Of Things”: the apps allowed users to control their heating-system at home, change the state of lighting and measure power consumption of household appliances through the modern web browsers installed on either smart-phone or regular PC.

  • Project: StepStone • 2003-2011

    At the on-line job board StepStone I became a professional web developer.

  • Project: PartyOn • 2004-2008

    PartyOn was an online event calendar which I started coding back in 2004. I built it using PHP 4, a MySQL relational database, HTML and CSS. The project was an excellent opportunity to teach myself how to use these technologies.