An Info-Tech professional passionate about the World Wide Web.

Hi, my name is Johan!

I work on websites

As a web professional I have gathered over fifteen years of hands-on experience developing websites.

People I worked with have called me an expert in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I know how to build complex, scalable browser applications starting from concept to design, which will - most probably - work perfectly on any Internet-connected device. I take special consideration for accessibility and performance.

I keep up-to-date

Every day I browse through ship-loads of articles and tutorials to keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

I keep an eye out for cool open-source projects, scouting for the best coding examples of great software design and user experience.

I'm an IT consultant

In my professional career I worked on online job boards, e-commerce web shops, CMS systems (Drupal, WordPress), streaming media and smart-home automation platforms.

I am currently employed as a senior consultant at Deloitte Digital where I am specializing in Front End Web Development.

Living in Germany

My mother tongue is Dutch, and I speak English, German and some French.

I am 42, grew up in a small town in the middle of Flanders, Belgium and I migrated to Germany in 2009. It's good to be European.

Getting in touch

Please find up-to-date contact information on my main site:

Anyway, thanks for dropping by :smile: