New Beginnings

A new beginning

Happy to announce that since April 1st I’m working at movento Digital GmbH as a senior consultant and front-end developer!

Saying goodbye to CGI Deutschland

My years at CGI were really nice and I will miss the colleagues there.

Hello movento!

Getting to know the new colleagues and settling in the new office in Düsseldorf.

Magento & Hybris

Since my colleagues in the Düsseldorf Movento office are all excellent ecommerce experts, I will have to brush up on my knowledge of these ecommerce systems in the next couple of months. But I have my specialities as you might know already… I’m currently focused on gathering all knowledge on how to develop modern web applications and sites, including making them fast, yet accessible. There’s a lot of information to cover so I’m keeping busy for sure.


My first project might be working with AngularJS. Awesome! Can’t say much more about it, only that it will be really interesting and challenging.

Working on a MacBook running OSX

For the second time in my career I’m working on a Mac, the last time I did was about 15 years ago. In those days Apple’s computers were still called “Macintosh”. Wow, I must admit that the system evolved really well. No more fumbling about with a single button mouse or memory capacity issues.

It’s pretty neat how so many handy tools like screengrabbing and the Linux terminal work semi - out-of-the-box. I still need to get used to the different way in how Finder works compared to Explorer and where the keys are on the keyboards. Eg. It’s taking time to get adjusted to CMD+C instead of CTRL+C.

The integration with the iPhone 6s is close to perfection. It’s making my Android phone feel pretty cheap and a little backwards actually. But on the other hand I’m still convinced that Windows 10 is actually more productive. There are a lot of distractions in OSX; but that’s probably caused by how unkown the system is still to me.

Taking my bike to work every day

I’m doing 12 kms every day now since the last weeks, crossing the “Rhein Knie Brucken” and some other bridges and I feel pretty good about the feeling I have that I’m already feeling stronger. Currently pretty much flying across the river, the strong backwinds might have something to do with that. This week I had a check-up at the doctor’s, including an EKG and heart test and it all went smoothly, the doctor was impressed. I was also happy to introduce VanMoof bikes to my new colleagues.

Starting a Code School training

Following the free Code School AngularJS training for now since it came highly recommended. It’s pretty neat and well-made, yet basic, but educational. The plan is to ramp up my Angular skills in a short time.

Using Confluence

Keeping my work notes and planning in Atlassian’s Confluence, as a replacement to OneNote which I am only using for my personal notes. I’m liking Confluence’S templates and tasks features, but am missing a way to inline tag elements in the page. I’m trying something with emoticons, but they don’t seem to be searchable.

Spare Time

Khan Academy progress

Continuing my slow progress in the world of Math. Started following the “Space” course by NASA as well as the neat little “internet” course. Very cool material. I really love Khan Academy. Only wished for more hours in a day…

Getting the Intel RealSense camera

I went to the Intel Developer’s night at Microsoft in Köln some months ago and finally decided to order the RealSense camera. I felt motivated to get one now since it was cheaper before the 31 of March. The idea is that I’ll try to build a cool application with it, using the JavaScript SDK, as well as combining it with Windows 10. I might be even able to integrate it with the Chip robot dog somehow, some day.

Supporting the Wowwee “Chip” Indiegogo campaign

I was really impressed by this little robot dog so I decided to pre-order it from Indiegogo. The campaign was obviously a marketing stunt to try to get people’s attention. It didn’t really go viral, but it worked for me. I’m hoping the toy will be more than just that and I’m urging Wowwee to keep its promise to release an SDK and make the robot really programmable so we can develop interesting applications for it.

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