Surface Pro 3 Feedback to Microsoft October 2015

The Surface app feedback

The Surface App on Windows 10 asks for feedback from time to time, I’m happy to comply with this request since I honestly believe it does make a difference.

Here’s my feedback of today

The amount of characters is limited to 1000.

Great hardware. Working fine still after six months! Had some issue with the Type Cover, but managed to get it working again by doing hard-reboot. The USB port has saved me a couple of times as well, especially since it allows to use an USB-to-UTP adapter for situations with only wired network connection. I often use the Surface Pen to take notes in OneNote. Works great and feels like ironically enough very modern. So no big issues with the hardware so far. The kickstand is still good too. Perhaps I’m getting a little worried about the cable on the power supply. Seems like there’s some wear starting to appear as on the Type Cover. Greasy stains from my hands all over. But I assume that’s just normal. Most concerns and troubles are with Windows 10; instability of initial released apps (mail app argh), an initial BSOD, etc. Overall, still a happy camper! I am considering upgrading the Type Cover 3 to the Type Cover 4, if only the finger print sensor was available in Germany too. Thanks.

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