What's Up - Oktober 2017

Another “sign of life” post to let you know I’m still here! :smile:

Hello Ubuntu Bash For Windows!

Writing this from within Visual Studio Code on Windows 10 while running a Jekyll server on the Ubuntu Bash For Windows Terminal for a quick localhost preview of the site. I really like this best of both worlds approach! Thank you Microsoft for considering developers on Windows in such an awesome way!

Work Update

Work is Pretty Good So Far! At work I’ve been busy with a very interesting web application project that will be used and rolled-out by Deloitte internally. I cannot give any details on what it exaclty does here, but I can share it’s been a great learning experience so far, as with all my favorite projects, I enjoy the ones where I learn a lot, the most.

I’m leading the front-end application development part, applying my years of experience there :wink:. We’re using the Vue.JS JavaScript Framework, including vue-router and vuex for state management. Getting started with the vue-cli webpack template helped to pick up speed quite rapidly and spruce up my knowledge of writing ES6 JavaScript, using Webpack and a centralized state manager which can only be addressed through actions and mutations. The unit testing system is based upon karma and istanbul for code coverage and allows us to deliver great code quality.

The RESTful API’s documentation is written using the Swagger API standard which offers a nice way to have a look into the API endpoints and it also allows a quick way to check our GET and POST calls. We’re constructing the API together with the front-end app so I’m included in the design process of it.

Personal Updates

Some things I can continue to write about:

  • Becoming a father!
  • Health – running / cycling / sleeping
  • Attended the Wolkenkit Presentation at Web Engineering Düsseldorf
  • Introduction to Behaviour Driven Development
  • My learning VueJS experiences
  • How I set up my “Smart Home” with HomeMatic
  • Playing around with Puck.JS

But those will be topics for later!

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