Introducing Keybase

Do you

Keybase is a free, open-source security app and it’s a public directory of people.

Mostly techies at the moment but Keybase promises cryptographically secure operations with people you know on the Internet: chatting, file sharing, even publishing public documents.

It’s all super safe and straightforward with Keybase!

Since February 8th, 2017 Keybase offers secure chatting through various clients.

Through the Keybase File System (KBFS) you can safely (warning: beta software might sting) store away private data or securily exchange files with your trusted peers.

Keybase uses concepts from the Web Of Trust where through verification of multiple accounts and the social graph an online identity can be trusted and contacted as the actual person you wanted to reach.

Pretty Good Privacy for the masses! Or better, PGP on steroids.

I invite you to find me on Keybase right now and let’s make the Internet safer!

All public announcements people on Keybase make are verifiable signed by Keybase and hashed into the Bitcoin blockchain, which makes Keybase unforkable.

I perhaps don’t fully understand all of the crypto-speak behind it, but it sure does sound super cool.

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