Refreshing ReactJS with help of Wes Bos

Web development evolves so quickly that the topic of the tutorial and the tools introduced will probably be outdated by the time of finishing it.

Therefore I was really happy to hear that the fabulous Mr Wes Bos was aware of this, as he is a genius web developer himself, and he updated the super helpful React For Beginners Course he created back in April 2015 to include the latest ReactJS developments. And best of all, the updated version is still available for customers like myself who joined the course at the time of the initial version, for free. Awesome. :flying_money_with_wings:

The tutorial covers React.js v15, and React Router 4 with a lot of references to ES6 and explains in detail how to build a front-end application with backend based upon FireBase.

I must admit that thanks to this update the course was a truly good investment on my part and I want to thank Wes for making the time in re-recording his excellent “Catch Of The Day” tutorial.

So if you want to learn how to build applications with React.js I truly recommend React For Beginners by Wes Bos.

Other tutorials by Wes Bos include, Command Line Power User, Learn Redux and

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