Jumping on the Visual Studio Code train

Visual Studio Code is like Visual Studio Light

Well-known web developer, Dave Rupert introduced me to this new Multi-Platform (Windows, Mac and Ubuntu :sparkles:) editor made by Microsoft. You can download your own “preview” “for free” over at https://code.visualstudio.com while supplies last. The preview will function until 31/12/2016 (day/month/year); it is a little unclear as to what will happen after this date.

First Impressions

“5 minutes in”

  • Solid Markdown support. This editor is made for creating notes in Markdown, including previews!
  • Cool fresh interface.
  • Great, familiar way of navigating around folders and open files if you’re used to Visual Studio.
  • Integrated Git support! :rocket:
  • Tasks running right from within the editor is really sweet!

“Half an hour in”

  • I actually forgot until now how helpful Intellisense is.
  • Build in JsLint and JsHint support!
  • Easy text based preferences allowed me to quickly set the editor’s look and feel to my likings.
  • Fancy inline Git changes right within the editor window while working on files rocks.

More to follow …

This post will be updated with more experiences and impressions as I go along.

Some initial questions

  • Can I use this editor for free developer commercial applications?
  • Will it stay free?
  • What’s the status of plugins adding missing features and functionality?
  • Does it support GitHub’s Two-Factor authentication?


Task Runner encoding is set to IBM …

For my Jekyll grunt build to success I need to be able to set the encoding of the “Task” output window by doing:

chcp 65001

This sets the Powershell encoding to UTF-8 and the Multi-lingual Jekyll plugin I’m using in a project works. The issue: I don’t know - yet - where to define this command so it runs everytime I run ctrl-shift-p and type Run Task.

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