The Windows Store tells me I have too many devices linked with my account

How is the Windows Store defining “new devices”?

Today I wanted to install a Windows Store app until I was blocked by this error message:

Screenshot: Dialog window telling me that there are too many devices linked with my account

I opened the link and was presented with a list of multiple PC and Surface devices linked to my account.

The screenshot shows the list of devices after I already removed multiple “PC” entries:

Screenshot: Where are these devices coming from?

I am confused

To my own knowledge I only have one Surface computer and one other PC linked to my Microsoft account.

  • Where are these devices coming from?
  • How does the Store define when to add a new device? Does it add a new device every time I install a new application?
  • How are we, as users, supposed to figure out from this listing which one of the devices is the current device? The “Apps first installed on: {date}” is not really helpful.

It would be nice to have some more pieces of information in the list to help us identify our devices; like the “last used” date for example.


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