My Phone is an Android Moto-X 2013 - the UX is great

So my phone is an 2013 Motorola Moto-X

I really like my Moto X 2013 Android phone because it:

  • works without too many Bluetooth and GPS issues (looking at you HTC).
  • has a great screen; loving me some AMOLED (hmmm, actuall black).
  • has a cool always-on voice-controlled search-engine build-in (which I hardly use admittingly).
  • is pretty up-to-date running Android 5.1.
  • is not stuffed with bloatware (much - not sure what to do with Moto Alert).

Yet I secretly always wanted a Windows Phone (Lumia 930) as soon as they came out because the cameras on those phones rock and Windows Phone actually kinda looks like its designers came from the future.

I mean, that UX is so basic, it’s just wonderful and superb. The phone is not perfect with some ironically issues with the Phone software; had to deal with this annoying bug when the phone wouldn’t hang up after a busy signal for instance.

Confusing Androidsuses with too many different user-interface variants; I mean how many ways of swiping through screen of application icons can they still come up with?

No wonder Samsung makes their interfaces different because it makes people stick with Samsung because the other Android phone vendors, apart from the Google Nexus and Moto devices, look completely different and pretty much confusing.

But not Windows Phone, no sir. All Windows Phones look exactly the same. Best of all, the interface actually mirgrates with your across phones. This is also vendor lock in for sure, but of the better kind.

By the way; Huawei made a cool twist on the Windows Phone look-and-feel with their super simple mom-friendly interface. My mom loves it.

Anwyway, Windows Phone has it right. We’re all getting older. We’ll need our phones even when we’re 65-70; We won’t need flashy animations and all; just being able to hit the right big buttons at the right time in a glance will become priority to all of us old geezers.

That is all.

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