What's Up - August 2015

Just a couple of facts I wanted to share from the last couple of weeks. I promise i’m going to write out a couple of these projects in more detail later.


  • Got involved with the jQplot open-source project, a JavaScript library for generating graphs. I now have two forks for it. More to follow
  • Created the Sustainica website, build upon the Zeppelin Jekyll template and Grunt. More to follow
  • Working on these projects I gained more experience with Sass, Jekyll, Grunt, Git, GitHub and generally helping out in open-source software.


  • GDG Düsseldorf is still going strong although a bit more quiet during the Summer months.


  • Still happy with the Surface Pro 3 tablet which received the Windows 10 update, which mostly rocks.
  • There are still some issues open to solve. Lots of problems with the email app and some quirks regarding Cortana etc.
  • Have been reporting feedback to Microsoft through the Windows Feedback app and have been gathering upvotes, but the tool lacks any way of exporting.


  • Moving away from Evernote to OneNote since the editing experience and the way to work with notes is actually a lot nicer on OneNote compared to Evernote on my Windows PC. For now I am still keeping the account, in case Evernote decides to redo the Windows interface. They should redevelop the application for touch-optimized devices like my Surface. The writing experience in OneNote is just so much smoother. Heck, Evernote does not even allow two-finger scrolling! So yeah, Evernote dropped me as a user there.
  • Even using OneNote on my Android phone! Keeping “snap scans” of my documents using Microsoft Lens application.
  • You know what I like about Microsoft: they still have nice names for their applications. No silly names like “Messenger” or “Play”, but the apps actually have more creative names like “Groove”, “OneNote”, “Outlook” or “Visual Studio”.
  • Started keeping track of my tasks, events and planning using the “Bullet Journal” method. I’m keeping my journal in Onenote, but also updated my physical notebook just to have some form of post-apocalyptic backup.

Free-time stuff

  • Re-activated my math training on Khan Academy to regain lost knowledge. I was never really good at math before and am really learning a lot in a fun way thanks to the Khan Academy.
  • Playing Microsoft Sudoku every day to improve my number skills. Also, the “daily challenge” is addictive, yet perhaps a little repetitive.
  • Started reading Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. A story about astronomers detecting a new comet. I think it’s going to hit Earth. Recommended by Twit’s chief Leo Laporte.
  • Listening to The Guardian’s Tech Weekly and Science Weekly Podcasts and the usual Twit podcasts on a weekly basis while walking to work or when I work from home.

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