Summer Fun Challenge 2015

Organizing the 2015 Google I/O Extended in Düsseldorf was a great experience!

As always the Google’s Developer Group community was super helpful to set up this event.

The GDG Düsseldorf chapter team added a special contest which ended at the Google I/O called “Summer Fun Challenge”.

Many developers and tech enthusiasts from in and around Düsseldorf joined in good spirits, even-though the classic German summer weather tried to sabotage us with a true rain storm. My Respect goes out to all of the people attending and especially to the nine brave teams / participants of this year’s Summer Fun Challenge!

The winners were chosen by the 60 guests attending the event. 47 votes were registered through a Google Docs form.

Things I learned during the organization of this event:

  • Using Google Hangouts for video conferencing is really fun and feels like we’re really in the future now.
  • Google Docs forms have a “results summary” view.
  • Scrolling in Google Sheets can be optimized. Had some trouble with this during the event.
  • People can be super creative and funny at times.
  • We have a great team in GDG Düsseldorf.
  • Event registrations don’t really mean that people will actually attend. We had an attendance rate of 54.13% of RSVP’s.

The winners of the Summer Fun Challenge 2015

The attendees voted for these projects.

Best Design & Presentation

Rank Project Votes Links
1st “OpenGrill” by Fritz Elles & Alex Kruck-Kneip 38.3% code presentation
2nd “Refresh!” by Nenad Natošević & Ognjen Mihajlović 23.4% presentation
3rd “FREIRAUM” by Georg Bednorz 14.9% presentation

Best Code

Rank Project Votes Links
1st “dim” by Frederik Schweiger 34% presentation
2nd “FallingAndroid” by Pascal Dornfeld 21.3%  
3rd “OpenGrill” by Fritz Elles & Alex Kruck-Kneip 12.8% code presentation


This event would not have been possible without the support of these sponsors: Google Developer Groups, Scaratec IT, Rheinfabrik, Appsrise, HRS Hotelsearch, Grandcentrix and Simvelop.

Also big thank you to the team: Ann-Katrin, Frederik, Jens, Randy, Resul and the others who helped set it up.

More about GDG Düsseldorf on the Google+ page: +gdgdusseldorf

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