PageSpeed Achievement unlocked

My PageSpeed Insights results :bowtie: :triumph:

Happy to say that I have achieved an almost perfect Google’s PageSpeed Insight score for both Mobile and Desktop with the home page of my own - simple - little website:

PageSpeed Insight score for the homepage of this site

PageSpeed Mobile & Desktop Test Score card

98/100 Speed - 9 Passed Rules

The only rule I have to consider fixing is the “leverage browser caching” rule. I failed that test because of two externally linked files: my “avatar” image from and the Google Analytics script. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Below you can find the rules I did pass with flying colors:

  # Rule Result
:white_check_mark: 1. Avoid landing page redirects Your page has no redirects.
:white_check_mark: 2. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content You have no render-blocking resources.
:white_check_mark: 3. Enable compression You have compression enabled.
:white_check_mark: 4. Minify CSS Your CSS is minified.
:white_check_mark: 5. Minify HTML Your HTML is minified.
:white_check_mark: 6. Minify JavaScript Your JavaScript content is minified.
:white_check_mark: 7. Optimize images Your images are optimized.
:white_check_mark: 8. Prioritize visible content You have the above-the-fold content properly prioritized.
:white_check_mark: 9. Reduce server response time Your server responded quickly.

100/100 User Experience

No issues found! Easy to achieve with a simple site like this. Here’s Google’s advice for a perfect UX.


I’m sure there are still more optimizations I can work into this site for better accessibility etc. But I haven’t tested the site yet for that.

And I will have to test every single page of this site though for the complete picture…

But I believe the PageSpeed Insight test proves that with a simple site like this blog you should be able to fully achieve a fast delivery of your pages on all devices.

Learn more about the Web Performance tools by Google.

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