Moving to GitHub

It really is a lot of fun and cool to be able to build a website with a static site generator so I decided to move my website completely to GitHub Pages.

Heck, I might even will be getting myself a paid subscription so I can support one of the best services and sites on the Web. It should be good for my English as well.

It’s time to join the cool crowd and grow a beard or something! Well, I do sport a reasonably manly stubble, but a full beard simply doesn’t grow well on me. I might consider a mustache though.

Anyhow, the idea of this blog is also to write down a couple of things which simply need to be said. Don’t expect anything super-duper extremely interesting since in the end, this is Yet-Another-Blog-From-A-Developer.

After a couple of blogging-misfires in the past, which are gladly buried underneath a couple of layers of zip archives, I will really take the time to write and write and write and then write some more.

This post was completely written in Brackets, a cool new open-source code editor for web designers and front-end developers founded by Adobe and made with JavaScript. It supports some useful extensions, like Markdown Preview and Spell-Check.

Brackets was founded by Adobe as a community guided, open source project to push web development editors to the next level.

If you happen to read this and also know me in real life, then don’t worry. Whenever I will write something personal I’ll make sure no - real - names will be used. I might call you Grumpy or Jack or something cool like Son Goku.

So I will write down whatever I want to share with the blogosphere, not mere coding stuff, just so I have some archive of the things I’ve done, articles I’ve read or the songs I’ve listened to.

By the way, “The Stable Song” by Gregory Alan Isakov is wonderfully appropriate. I’m listening to it on Deezer right now. Here are the super nice lyrics and guess what, he’s touring right now and will be passing by in Europe in October.

I might go check it out.

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